Bendix/King GPS receivers

  • Panel-mount IFR GPS capable of performing non-precision GPS approaches
  • Easy-to-read map display
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen database with SID and STAR waypoints
  • Eight-channel parallel GPS receiver
  • “Direct-To” feature for easy navigation
  • Altitude input for increased accuracy
  • Can be interfaced to external CDI or HSI, RMI, some Shadin or ARNAV fuel management systems, several external moving map displays, and certain Shadin air data systems
  • Front-loading database card available in four options – Americas North covering USA, Canada, Latin America; Americas South covering USA, Latin America, South America; Atlantic International and Pacific Intl. database
  • Database can store up to 500 user-defined waypoints along with user comments for up to 200 airports
  • Operates on any voltage 11-33Vdc
  • Upgrade available to improve KLN-89 units to KLN-89B status
  • Upgrading available to improve GPS performance for B-RNAV complinace for Europe