Bendix/King GPS receivers

  • Panel-mount IFR GPS capable of performing non-precision GPS approaches
  • Easy-to-read CRT map display
  • Comprehensive Jeppesen database with SID and STAR waypoints and approaches
  • Pilot-friendly controls
  • Eight-channel parallel GPS receiver
  • Meets FAA C129 A1 specifications
  • Built-in resolver interface allows system to be linked directly to aircraft’s HSI or CDI or coupled to an autopilot
  • Resistant to COMM radio interference
  • Straightforward control panel consisting of two sets of concentric knobs
  • Screen can be split enabling two pages of information to be open at once
  • Available into two database options – Americas and International – that can be easily updated by plug-in cartridge located on back of unit (IBM compatible computer updating also available)
  • Can store as many as 26 seperate flight plans with up to 30 waypoints each
  • Includes flight calculator that can handle useful computations such as true airspeed, pressure altitude, density altitude, actual winds aloft, and much more
  • Upgrading available to improve GPS performance for B-RNAV compliance for Europe
  • KLN-90 and KLN-90A upgrade to KLN-90B no longer available from factory