Bendix/King UHF transceiver

  • UHF Communications Transceiver providing two-way AM voice communications
  • Specifically designed for international governmental, military, and paramilitary applications
  • Specified for use in US Air Force and US Navy training programs
  • Provides access to frequencies ranging from 225.000-399.975 MHz in 25 kHz increments
  • Used with KFS 599B digital control
  • Stuck-mic protection
  • Solid-state
  • Designed for high reliability
  • Incorporates ARINC 429 bus interface for radio control via FMS
    Note: Control via either KFS-599B or FMS not both; KFS-599B can be installed as backup for FMS if needed)
  • Will support dual controls (KFS-599B) in tandem operation (i.e. master/slave configuration)
  • Provides tuning for remote ADF systems
  • Same as KTR 909 but also provides continuous monitoring of guard channel via a dedicated second receiver